Repurpose Bed Risers into Candle Holders

Repurposed bed risers
Perfect for a mantle or as a centerpiece.
I just love the way these four candle holders turned out! Grouped together one side spells out "LOVE" and the other side spells "HOME". 


They are actually up-cycled wooden bed risers that I re-purposed into candle holders. I used the same techniques for painting, wax, and transferring a graphic as explained in my previous tutorials:

Wood Bed Risers

After I painted each of the bed risers, I applied the graphic transfers. I printed the letters in mirror image and then applied the paper with the print side down with Mod Podge. 

After it was dry I began wiping away the paper with a wet sponge (visit my previous post for further instruction).

Mason jar lids as candleholders
Creating the candle holders with mason jar lids

I spray painted mason jar lids to hold the candles. I glued scrapbook paper to the inside of the lids and then sealed the paper with Mod Podge. I wrapped the lids with pip berries. I applied liberal amounts of Mod Podge to the base of the tea lights to create texture and allowed it drip down in spots. I finished the tealights with a small amount of dark wax (Annie Sloan).


They look great on a mantle but also work wonderfully as centerpiece on a table since both sides are finished. I used battery operated tea lights, but real candles would work just as well, too. 

DIY Candle holders
DIY Graphic Transfer
And below are the front views of the final candle holders.

Repurposed bed risers into candle holders

Repurpose bed risers with paint and graphic transfer

I purchased the bed risers at a thrift store, but if you cannot find a set secondhand then I'll include an affiliate link below to a set sold on Amazon. Thanks so much for stopping by! 

Wood bed risers
Mod Podge
Primer Red
Dark wax
Mason jar lids
Tea lights
Colonial pip berries
Printer & paper for graphics

Bed risers re-purposed into candle holders


  1. The candleholders are lovely!

  2. This is a lovely upcycle project, Patricia! You did a great job with it! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your nice comment!

  3. Thank you Linda for your positive feedback!


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